Improv says goodbye to The Lab

The Improv Lab has been a magical little 50-seat theater attached to The Hollywood Improv that allowed a place for stand-up, improv, sketch, music, and writing to collide in an ‘anything goes’ playful atmosphere. This past Sunday was a sad yet joyous occasion as the Improv said goodbye to The Lab. The Hollywood Improv will be closing it’s doors for renovations and expansions that unfortunately don’t allow the lab to keep it’s doors open.

Jaime Flam started booking the room in March 2010 and it developed from 1-2 shows a week to 50 shows a month.

"The vision was to build a space producing affordable shows you couldn’t see anywhere else in LA, with a focus on variety and experimentation with different formats.  It became an amazing platform for both young comics and seasoned veterans to try out new material."

"We had eclectic bands from punk to country, talk shows, burlesque shows, one-person shows, storytelling shows, cabaret, impromptu dance-offs, Clownvis, faux Mormon church services, pizza parties, all Japanese sketch teams, mosh pits, sword swallowers, and sing-alongs."  -Jamie Flam 

Names that were known to crash The Lab including Robin Williams, Todd Barry, Reggie Watts, Todd Glass, Jeff Garlin, Sarah Silverman, David Spade, Jack McBrayer, Jeff Ross, Bill Burr, Tig Notaro, and many many more.

This past Sunday over 50 acts gathered in the Improv main room to remember all the great moments,  opportunities, & friendships The Lab offered and they were given 1 minute (give or take) each to give their tribute. It was a whirl wind w/ sketches, songs and one liners clustered into a magical evening of community. The energy in The Improv was electric as everyone cheered each other on as it was most of their first time gracing the main stage. Never have so many different acts melded together to create a night to remember. It is clear that the Lab will be painfully missed. Stay tuned to see what the future holds.

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